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Sales Consulting Services

Sales Consulting Services

RPM Alloys is often asked how to increase sales, profit margins, customer base, and sales loyalty among customers and personnel.  Here are a few items worthy of this discussion.

Our expertise goes beyond the normal scope of consulting by assisting your company with detailed and concise sales guidance.  One of the greatest units within an organization is arguably Marketing and Sales.  This group may be the most dynamic and exciting that dramatically affects the entire organization.  The experts at RPM Alloys realize the importance of this group and is keenly aware of the profitability impact to your company. 

The RPM Alloys team of experts can effectively analyze your sales data including gross profit margins, turns, growth, profitability, credit ratios, and develop a complete strategy for success.  The innovative methods of our Sales unit emphasize teamwork and develops a positive workforce tailored to your organizational skillset and specialties.  We have the necessary selling tools which can teach your group at every level, from beginner to advanced, the intricacies of the steel industry. 

 We can train your entire staff at each level, and emphasize the importance of knowledge within the sales organization.  Our training methods include basic and advanced selling techniques and will reach all phases of selling from novice to senior sales personnel by reviewing common techniques and quickly advancing to more complex selling scenarios.  We will teach your group how to respond to different customers by efficiently and expertly overcoming objections.  Additionally, we will enhance the metals knowledge to all groups as needed, to ensure that accurate and consistent industry nomenclature is known by everyone. 

Once your team has learned the basics of selling into the metals industry, then focus will be shifted to completing the sale and maximizing profits through value added services.

RPM Alloys extensive market knowledge in Sales is often extended to include developing a cohesive and fully accountable sales staff.  We are often asked to write detailed descriptions of accountability for each position, and assist with hiring. 

This is the beginning of our training methods, and will be taught so that everyone realizes his position relating to the overall profitability and requirements of the corporation.